Callum’s First Birthday {cake smash}

Callum turned 1 on the 16th of September! Congratulations to this beautiful boy! May

you have a blessed future and many more happy years to come. Thank you mom Gaby

for the honour of photographing all your special moments and milestones. From your

maternity shoot, Callum’s newborn shoot and christening to his first birthday. May all

these photos bring back great memories!

callum_1st_birthday-2 callum_1st_birthday-3 callum_1st_birthday-8 callum_1st_birthday-39 callum_1st_birthday-40 callum_1st_birthday-41 callum_1st_birthday-42 callum_1st_birthday-76 callum_1st_birthday-77 callum_1st_birthday-82 callum_1st_birthday-83 callum_1st_birthday-108 callum_1st_birthday-109 callum_1st_birthday-114 callum_1st_birthday-115 callum_1st_birthday-126 callum_1st_birthday-126a callum_1st_birthday-127 callum_1st_birthday-145 callum_1st_birthday-146 callum_1st_birthday-168 callum_1st_birthday-169 callum_1st_birthday-173